Anti-Ransomware Solution AppCheck Pro

“Next Level of Ransomware Protection”

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Proactive Defense
Context Awareness Ransomware Behavior Detection
Protection from File damage and corruption
Automatic Recovery
Ransom Shelter
RealTime backup at file damage
Driver level Folder Protection
Automatic space management
Auto Backup
User Defined Folder Scheduled backup
File history Supported
Single and External Drive for backup storage
Did you know AntiVirus Software does not provide enough protection from ransomware?
Your data is protected with AppCheck Pro. Providing triple layers of protection; Proactive Defense, Ransom Shelter and Auto Backup
Everybody knows importance of backup, but it's time consuming and stressful task.
AppCheck Pro not only provides proactive defense from ransomwares, but also backup your data at a desired schedule, to a desired destination.
Proactive Defense and Auto Recovery
Provide both proactive defense from ransomwares and automated damanged file recovery utilizing Context Awareness based Ransomware Behavior engine.
Ransom Shelter
Original copy of file is immediately stored at under threat of damage.
Auto Backup and Folder Protection
Supports file history and scheduled backup of user defined folders.
Need to keep important files safe from ransomwares?
AppCheck Pro can add user defined file extensions without restrictions, protecting and recover files from ransomwares automatically and safely.
Need more storage for backup?
AppCheck Pro's Ransom Shelter only backup files that is being damaged, requiring minimal disk space.
Few days of I have installed on my computer, I just purchased today for everyone in my company. Thank you for the great app.
IT department in company T
Oh, this seems pretty decent. I look forward to be the best in AntiVirus category.
J** (pjk****)
OMG!!! World's Only Proactive Ransomware Solution? So Awesome!!!!
Vic*** (ris*****)
I was wondering it would be great for an application backup files automatically if ransomware try to access files. And here it is already!
rol***** (eta*****)
Oh... wow... I love you, AppCheck ;) I'm using it right now, I don't need to worry on ransomwares!!
ML** (ryo*******)
I'd love to see this application to spread all over the Internet Great Software!
Memen*** (tla********)
It saved my life today! I don't want to imagine what would happened, if I haven't had installed. Thank you so much.
poo**** (poo****)
Thank you so much for this awesome program.
민* (bla******)

Differences and Main Features

Features AntiVirus A AntiVirus B AntiVirus C Backup Products AppCheck Pro
Proactive Protection on Ransomwares
File Damage Protection
Roll-back Ransomware behaviors
RealTime Backup on file damage
Backup Folder Protection
Auto Backup with File History

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