Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I use AppCheck Anti-Ransomware with other Antivirus?
AppCheck Anti-Ransomware ensures compatibility with third-party anti-virus programs with real-time protection.
Q. Can I use the AppCheck on Windows XP, Windows Vista operating system?
AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is compatible with Windows 7 operating system and above (including service pack version).

Please consider to upgrade your operating system for your protection.
Q. Does AppCheck support languages other than languages?
AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is available in English and Korean since version Different languages will be available in the future.
Q. While AppCheck is updating I get an error “This program is only runs in Windows 7 or higher”
AppCheck reinstalls itself in automatic update, while your configuration is maintained.

During the reinstallation process, if uninstaller is corrupted, such message may displayed.

In this case, you might want to copy files in “?\Program Files\CheckMAL\AppCheck” directory from other PC to according location in your PC, then continue the update.
Q. I get message "Administrator rights required!" while update or installation.
This message is displayed when User Access Control(UAC) is off and user type is Standard User which doesn't have administrator rights.

Users can do following to solve the issue.

(1) Enable UAC will allow automatic update in both administrator and standard user accounts.

(2) In case of UAC needs to disabled, both installation and updates needs to be performed in Administrator account.

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