About Us

CheckMAL is a company of experts, industry-leading endpoint security developers.


Perfect security sacrifices usability, while convenient security makes difficult to be perfected.

What should be the perfect security?

Our mission is to achieve both perfect and hands-free in cyber world.

“ Never mind the security ”

CheckMAL protects customers from malicious threats with simple and easy yet perfect security software.


JeongHun Kim / Founder and CEO
Former AhnLab / Chief Architect
  • AntiVirus and Network Firewall development
  • Cloud based big data malware analysis system architect
  • Multi Dimensional Malware Detection Engine architecture designer and developer
  • IR52 Jang Yeong-sil Award (2009)
Ikko Yi / Co-Founder
Former AhnLab, Anti-APT, DDos Prevention Product Quality Analysist
  • Testing Automation Development
  • Malware Bigdata Analysis System Development
  • Global Support Engineer


2017. 12.
  • Joined to AMTSO - International Malware Testing Organization
  • New Product Release - AppCheck Pro for Linux Server
2017. 11.
  • Supply to Otsuka Shokai - Japan's No.1 Distribution Corporation
  • AppCheck Pro, 2017 best paid anti-ransomware
2017. 10.
  • PASCON 2017 Security Conference main keynote speech
2017. 06.
  • Registered to Korean Government Procurement Service
  • 'AppCheck Pro v2.0' selected as a recommendation for New Software Products Award
Monthly Activated Users 350,000
2017. 05.
  • Value Added Distributor Contract in Japan Jiransoft Japan
Monthly Activated Users 300,000
2017. 04.
  • Selected for Global Security Startup Program by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Monthly Activated Users 160,000
2016. 12.
  • CMS Release
  • AppCheck Pro for Windows Server Release
Monthly Activated Users 150,000
2016. 08.
  • First Value Added Distributor Contract (HCINFO, JIRANSOFT)
  • Evaluated for TIPS Program
Monthly Activated Users 100,000
2016. 07.
  • Relocated to Pangyo
Monthly Activated Users 90,000
2016. 04.
  • CheckMAL Inc. Established
  • Investment from Primer
Monthly Activated Users 40,000
2016. 02.
  • First Release of AppCheck Pro
Monthly Activated Users 10,000


  • GS Certified
  • Venture Business Confirmation
  • Copyright Registration
  • Patent Certificate


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Website: http://primer.kr
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