Re:initiate your security

Why do I need AppCheck Endpoint?

AppCheck Endpoint is an Endpoint Security Solution with AI based App Usage Control.

Unintended application installation leads to secuirty vulnerabilities in your organization. You can archieve high level of security of your organization by PC limiting the usage of unintended application. Until now, existing method is known to be dificult to manage due to the exhausive time and resource requirements.

Are you having difficulty of managing installed applications in your organization?
AppCheck Endpoint ensures the visibility by automatically recognizing and categoring with only the information of the applications installed in the organization.
Are you concerned about the use of complex and heavy security solutions?
Human attendance is not required as AI automatically approve and disapprove application that is required for work.
Are you satisfied with the current anti-malwares' reactive response?
AppCheck enables proactive security by allowing only approved applications, and blocks malwares.

Key Features

App Usage Control and Proactive Defense
Only approved application is allowd and increases seuciry fundamentally by blocking all other applications including malware and non-work applications.
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Automatic Recognition and Classification
AI based application recognition engine doesn't rely on pre-build database allows even in-house applications without Internet connection.
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Identify App Usage
Facilitate the application management by categorizing your applications as game, multimedia, productivity, etc.
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No.1 Anti-Ransomware AppCheck

Prevent, detect and recover damaged files from ransomware with the patented next generation context awareness ransomware behavior detection technology.

The best product with reasonable price 1,000,000 users in 106 countries across the world are experiencing the value of AppCheck.
AppCheck(free) is anti-ransomware solution to protect and to prevent ransomware activities for personal use.
AppCheck Pro (pay-per-use) detects and defends not only ransomware attacks, but also exploit attacks. It provides safer security with automatic remediation feature.

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