Product Introduction

Ransomware infection continues to expand the damage. it is difficult to protect the advanced ransomware relying on general malware detection method. AppCheck is the only solution providing proactive defense from unknown ransomware threats based on Context-Awareness Ransomware Behavior engine.

CMS Cloud / CMS Business

Policy configuration and management on both by division / independently
ㆍ Provides different backup options to help planning organization’s backup needs.
ㆍ No need for additional backup software.
ㆍ Backup only important files for efficient storage use.
From installation to uninstallation
ㆍ Supports unattended installation for corporates / organizations for uninterrupted workflow.
ㆍ Deploy using e-mail or PMS (Patch Management Software).
ㆍ Deployment supports both Cloud or on-premise.
Report and Notifications for Administrators
ㆍ Define date ranges and filters to acquire report with relevant information.
ㆍ Provides detailed agent information.
ㆍ E-mail notification on ransomware detection.
Mobile, PC, Tablet responsive Web-based User Interface
ㆍ HTML5 based console provides full control only using web browser.
ㆍ Responsive to mobile web environment enables to control anywhere in the world.
ㆍ Informative dashboard provides all useful data at a glance.


Function Comparison

Function CMS Cloud CMS Businiess
Main Function
  • Centralized Management: Security Policy management and group management.
  • Monitoring : Dashboard, Log management, Real-time information.
  • Reporting : Comprehensive reports and statistics, Log analysis.
Deployment Cloud Hosting Virtualized or Physical on Premise Server Setup
Recommended Agents < 500 500 ~ 1000
Supported Agent Types AppCheck Pro / AppCheck Pro for Windows Server
Pricing Free for companies uses more than 30 agents Yearly subscription

Purchase / Download

Centralized management to view ransomware infection information and detection logs.