About Us

CheckMAL is a company of experts, industry-leading endpoint security developers. We have tried to provide a paradigm of new security with differentiated technology and we will rise higher through continuous research and challenges.

Our Vision

Perfect security sacrifices usability, and Convenient security cannot provide perfect security. What should be the perfect security? Our mission is to protect our customers' valuable information assets easily and conveniently with innovative technologies and contribute to society with complete products. “ Never mind the security ” CheckMAL provides simple and perfect security software to protect customers from malicious threats.


Date History
2019. 03.
  • Release of AppCheck Endpoint Protection
  • Participated eGISEC FAIR 2019 Exhibition
2018. 04. Release of AppCheck Pro for Linux Server
2018. 03. Participated eGISEC FAIR 2018 Exhibition
2018. 02. Patent Registration
2018. 01. Release of AppCheck Exploit Guard / Cleaner
2017. 12.
  • Joined to AMTSO - International Malware Testing Organization
  • New product release - AppCheck Pro for Linux Server
2017. 11.
  • AppCheck Pro, 2017 best paid Anti-Ransomware
2017. 10. PASCON 2017 Security Conference main keynote speech
2017. 06.
  • Registered to Korean Government Procurement Service
  • Monthly activated users 350,000
2017. 05.
  • Value added distributor contract in Japan - Jiransoft Japan
  • Monthly activated users 300,000
2017. 04.
  • Selected for global security startup program by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • Monthly activated users 160,000
2016. 12.
  • New product release - CMS
  • New product release - AppCheck Pro for Windows Server
2016. 08.
  • First value added distributor contract (HCINFO, Jiransoft)
  • Evaluated for TIPS program
  • Monthly activated users 100,000
2016. 07.
  • Relocated to Pangyo
  • Monthly activated users 90,000
2016. 04.
  • CheckMAL Inc. Established
  • Investment from Primer
2016. 02.
  • First release of AppCheck Pro
  • Monthly activated users 10,000


GS Certified

Venture Business Confirmation

Copyright Registration

Patent Certificate

Investors / Support

A venture incubator in Korea to help potential entrepreneurs and their success.
For more: http://primer.kr
Accelerator Investment-Driven Tech Incubator Program for Startup.
For more: http://www.jointips.or.kr/global/



ALTIBASE 아세아시멘트 대한민국 대표 산림휴양도시 봉화 부산항만공사 Cellab 사랑의열매 사회복지공동모금회 창원시시설관리공단 대구일보 DAEHAN 대우공업㈜ DAESUNG ELTEC DongHwa Pneutec ㈜동화뉴텍 DKCS 대륙금속㈜ 대구광역시버스운송사업조합(Daegu Metropolitan City Transportation Association) Dongwha 동화자연마루 대한송유관공사 esri Korea FIRA 한국수산자원관리공단 강릉아산병원(GangNeung Asan Hospital) GC녹십자 gettyimagesKOREA 경기도장애인복지종합지원센터 누림 경기도일자리재단 고양시청 광주광역시 HUTCHINSON 한국일보 IBITP 인천경제산업정보테크노파크 INSUNGDATA 진흥기업 JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE 한국공항공사 한국장애인고용공단 경동엔지니어링 경기대학교 경희의료원(Kyung Hee University Medical Center) 한국신발피혁연구원 한국시설안전연구원 국립해양박물관 대한유화주식회사 한국기업평가 전문건설공제조합 KSM 롯데건설(LOTTE E&C) 롯데지주㈜ 나눔Lotto MARIA ㈜마인드유 보건복지부 국회도서관(National Assembly Library) 국립낙동강생물자원관 녹차원 논산시 PARU 범주해운 부산신항국제터미널 posco DAEWOO 서울아산병원(Asan Medical Center) 서대문구 세일여행사 인천광역시서구문화원 ㈜성진포머(Sungjin Forging & Machining) SK E&S 김천에너지서비스 성균관대학교 SNCT 송월타월 Sony Interactive Entertainment 수 요양병원 특별검사 여행박사 tqoonglobal Treksta 전쟁기념관 정읍,보령,보성,홍천,금강,영덕아산병원(Asan Medical Hospital) 율촌화학 양천구시설관리공단 영등포구시설관리공단 영산대학교 유한양행