Patented 100% Signatureless Anti-Ransomware

Ransomware proactive detection, blocking, and automatic recovery all at once
The only anti-ransomware professional solution

More powerful ransomware behavior detection

Detects more than 2,800 new/variant ransomware attacks with context-awareness-based ransomware behavior detection engine (CARB engine)

Enhanced ransomware protection with advanced detection features (ghost detection, smart detection)

Through the SMB server protection function, when ransomware executed on a remote PC attacks a shared folder in the server, the IP of the remote PC is blocked

Blocks ransomware attacks inside/outside the server through a shared folder protection function considering the corporate environment

Prevents incapacitation of Windows system restoration function by ransomware and malicious programs

Pre-blocking safe mode boot execution for attack

Automatic deletion of files created by ransomware when ransomware behavior is detected

AppCheck Operation Process

ransomware behavior
Various new/variant ransomware attacks
Appcheck operation
Context-aware ransomware
Behavior detection engine (CARB engine)
automatic backup
according to various schedules
Maintain and manage changed backup data
Block system threats
by ransomware and malware
Pre-blocking system restore function disablement

Shelter real-time backup
When the protected file is damaged
shelter temporary backup
Ghost Detection (Advanced Detection)
create virtual files when needed
quick and light detection

network drive protection
Protect corporate servers
and NAS shared folders
Ransomware behavior detection + smart detection
More than 2800 varieties
From detection of new/variant ramsunware
Detect even ransomware that attacks by bypassing
SMB Server Protection
Ransomware executed on a remote PC
When files in the server's shared folder are damaged
Block remote PC IP
Stop/Delete Ransomware
Deletion of data damaged
by the attack when ransomware is detected
Automatically restore files
Automatically restored with shelter temporary backup data

System Requirements

Category Recommended
Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1(KB4490628, KB4474419)​ higher
CPU Intel Xeon Dual Core
Memory 8GB or higher
Free Disk Spaces 64GB or higher
Web Browser MS Edge / Chrome / Firefox