Next Generation Endpoint Security

Allows programs to be automatically identified and analyzed based on the machine learning basis, allowing programs to be used in the enterprise and blocking other programs.

Analysis and management solution by automatically analyze applications used in the organization

Main Function

Adaptive Application Recognition Engine
ㆍ Adaptive Application Recognition Engine recognizes application changes and updates, automatically classifies individual applications and binary-specific updates.
App Classification
ㆍ Classify various applications into more than 8 categories (game, video, audio, document / office, internet, etc.) to facilitate management of applications in the organization.
Identify App Usage
ㆍ Identify the most used applications in your organization and check detailed information for each program.
Full environment support
ㆍ Supports cloud as well as on premises environment. The virtual environment and full offline mode are also supported, so there is no restriction on the deployment environment.
AI based Automatic Approval
ㆍ With the help of Machine Learning based Artificial Intelligence, policy is automatically created and approved without administrator's attendance.
Summary reports and notifications
ㆍ It provides a report that you can check at a glance about important security breach and accidents, so you can deeply understand the information security issue of your organization.


Function Comparison

Function AppCheck Analyzer Cloud AppCheck Analyzer On-Premises
Deployment Cloud Hosting Virtualized or Physical on Premise Server Setup
Recommended Agents < 500 500 ~ 1000
Supported Agent Types AppCheck Endpoint / AppCheck Pro / AppCheck Pro for Windows Server / AppCheck Pro for Linux Server
Pricing Free for companies uses more than 30 agents Yearly subscription