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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete files stored in RansomShelter Backup Folder <Backup (AppCheck)>?
The option for automatic deletion of files after 7 days is provided.

You may manually delete them by disabling AppCheck real-time protection.
I have lost my license information and can I get it resended?
Yes, If you have lost your AppCheck Pro license information and would like to resend it, please apply for a reissue by entering the e-mail address you entered in the "Resend License Information" form on the "Support → License Management" page.
Can I recover files encrypted by Ransomware with AppCheck?
You may recover your original files if infection happened if AppCheck is installed beforehand.

However, neither AppCheck and AppCheck Pro does not support the recovery once files were encrypted before the installation.
How do I activate my AppCheck Pro?
Please click on the registration icon (key shape) on the AppCheck Anti-Ransomware main screen and enter the "AppCheck Pro License Information" (email address, serial number) which issued to your email address.
What is the difference between AppCheck Free and AppCheck Pro?
The main difference between of AppCheck Pro and Free version is below.

1. Automatic Remediation and Block

AppCheck Free only blocks and kills the process while AppCheck Pro blocks and deletes(remediates) the detected Ransomware behaved files.

Automatic recovery of damaged files are both supported.

2. Network Drive and SMB Server Protection

AppCheck Pro provides protection of Network Shared folders. Any file damage or encryption behavior to attached shared folder will be detected and blocked. Especially SMB Server Protection provides protection against unwanted file change of current host's shared folder.

3. Auto Backup

AppCheck Pro provides additional protection through flexible scheduled backup of user specified folder or files.

More details and comparison chart can be found in
this page.
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