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By 1st Feburary of 2020, Microsoft will officially annouce f drops support for code sign certificates using SHA-1 hash algorithm.

So this applies to AppCheck's Real-time Protection, may cause to disable Realtime Protection, due to the failure of loading AppCheck kernel driver in environments where SHA-1 codesign signature is expired.

You can check your OS supports SHA-2 codesign by following method:
Go to "C:\Program Files\CheckMAL\AppCheck\AppCheckD.sys"
Click properties > Signatures and see if there's SHA-2 in the signature column.

Please use follwing methods if you were unable to find SHA-2 support in your system.

Especially environments in WIndows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 please use Windows Update to get your PC up-to-date.

In case if you are willing to selectively update to support SHA-2 feature, please download files for your operating system from following links.



[AppCheck Update Schedule]
  • AppCheck (Jan.28. 2020): Display popup to install SHA-2 support updates. (as tray notification popup)
  • Starting from AppCheck AppCheck installation will fail on enviroments where SHA-2 support is not installed.