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To all our valued customers,

Thank you for your continuous help and support.

At a ceremony held to mark the 69th Information and Communication Day, CheckMAL was selected as an Information and Communication Merit Award and received the Prime Minister's commendation.

The Government Award for Information and Communication Merit selects people and organizations who have contributed to the development of the information and communication field, encourages them, and praises them for their hard work. In recognition of their contribution to the development of cybersecurity management systems by developing their own situation-based ransomware detection technology and automatic restoration services, CheckMAL received the Prime Minister's Award.

Prior to advanced and evolving ransomware, we will continue to develop and research more sophisticated and differentiated cybersecurity technologies, and we will try to become a checkpoint that easily and conveniently protects valuable information assets in various fields such as public institutions, companies, medical and educational institutions with innovative technologies!
Keep safe from threats of ransomware with AppCheck in the future!