AppCheck Pro for Windows Server

The most Advanced Ransomware Protection for your Business

The AppCheck Pro for Windows Server is anti-ransomware especially designed to protect servers from ransomwares.
Prevent, detect and recover ransomware damaged files with the next generation context awareness ransomware behavior engine, even file damaging action take place remotely.

Shared Folder Protection

  • Conventional process monitoring based detection method is vulnerable in remote shared file encryption.
  • CARB engine blocks and recovers from unintentional remote file alteration.
  • Protect business core and organization endpoints from ransomware.

Compatible with existing security solutions

  • Convenient deployment allows to additional layer of ransomware protection with no change on current security infrastructure.
  • Light-weight and independent agent doesn’t affect server performance.

Automatic file recovery on file damage

  • Backup original file when file is being damaged.
  • Integrated scheduled backup provides alternative recovery method in case of detection failure.
  • Detect and block when shared files are remotely damaged.

Minimized Maintenance

  • Intuitive yet powerful administrative console provides effective control on AppCheck installed servers.
  • Fully automatic file recovery requires unattended support, which reduces TCO.


Category Recommended
Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 higher
CPU Intel Xeon DualCore
Memory 4GB higher
Free Disk Spaces 64GB higher
Web Browser Edge / Internet Explorer 11 / Firefox / Chrome


AppCheck Pro for Windows Server

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