Why AppCheck?

Ransomware encrypts your files as hostage and requests money for decryption. Most PCs already have the antivirus installed, however, Ransomware infection continues to expand the damage. Since it is difficult to protect the advanced Ransomware relying to general malware detection method, AppCheck becomes the only solution providing proactive defense from unknown Ransomware threats based on Context-Awareness Ransomware Behavior engine. 

The Future Response strategy of Ransomware

The Future Response strategy of RansomwareDiversifying ransomware, best defenses?Every day thousands of new Ransomware are distributed worldwide. This document explores the limitations of existing defense methods against the explosion of Ransomware and how to overcome them.

AppCheck Datasheet

Protect your files from modern-day ransomwareCheckMAL AppCheck Pro provides outstanding protection from memory mapping ransomware, both generic and modern-day ransomware including the most sophisticated ransomware attacks.Protect against valuable data loss with CARB engine even in the failure of proactive defense.

WannaCry Ransomware Analysis Report

A major ransomware attack has affected many organizations across the world reportedly including thePetroChina(Gas Station) in the China, NHS(National Health Service) in the UK, FedEx in the US. Themalware responsible for this attack is a ransomware variant known as 'WannaCry' (also known as‘WannaCrypt’ or ‘WannaCrypt0r’). A WannaCry ransomware finds vulnerable machines connected to thenetwork, seeking for SMB remote code execution vulnerability targeting Windows XP and higher.

WannaCry Ransomware Proactive Defense Case Study

In 12th of May, the highest level of Ransomware attack occurred targeting all over the world. TheRansomware used exploit called EternalBlue, a vulnerability operated by the NSA and released to thepublic by ShadowBrokers. Microsoft has released a security update MS17-010 in March. Unfortunately,not all operating system has patched. This document describes the major characteristics of WannaCryRansomware, how to prevent infection, and what to do when the infection occurs.

AppCheck Pro Brochure(English)

Next level of protecting from RansomwaresAppCheck ProOnly anti-ransomware solution for integratedadvance defense / automatic backup and recovery.Trace-Detection-Block-Recovery forfile damaging and alteration behaviorBleeding Edge Context Aware Engine “CARB”

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