Product Introduction

CMS Cloud / CMS Business

Policy configuration and management on both by division / independently
ㆍ Provides different backup options to help planning organization’s backup needs.
ㆍ No need for additional backup software.
ㆍ Backup only important files for efficient storage use.
From installation to uninstallation
ㆍ Supports unattended installation for corporates / organizations for uninterrupted workflow.
ㆍ Deploy using e-mail or PMS (Patch Management Software).
ㆍ Deployment supports both Cloud or on-premise.
Report and Notifications for Administrators
ㆍ Define date ranges and filters to acquire report with relevant information.
ㆍ Provides detailed agent information.
ㆍ E-mail notification on ransomware detection.
Mobile, PC, Tablet responsive Web-based User Interface
ㆍ HTML5 based console provides full control only using web browser.
ㆍ Responsive to mobile web environment enables to control anywhere in the world.
ㆍ Informative dashboard provides all useful data at a glance.


Function Comparison

Function CMS Cloud CMS Businiess
Main Function
  • Centralized Management: Security Policy management and group management.
  • Monitoring : Dashboard, Log management, Real-time information.
  • Reporting : Comprehensive reports and statistics, Log analysis.
Deployment Cloud Hosting Virtualized or Physical on Premise Server Setup
Recommended Agents < 500 500 ~ 1000
Supported Agent Types AppCheck Pro / AppCheck Pro for Windows Server
Pricing Free for companies uses more than 30 agents Yearly subscription

Purchase / Download

Centralized management to view ransomware infection information and detection logs.