Product Introduction

AppCheck Endpoint Protection only allows approved work-related applications and protect users from a variety of attacks, including Rangersware and malware.

AppCheck / AppCheck Pro

App Usage Control
ㆍ Improves security of endpoints by allowing only approved apps.
Automatic Recognition and Classification
ㆍ Efficiently analyzes and classifies information of all running applications with micro engine.
Malware Guard Real-time scan
ㆍ Scan malwares in real-time using server-side 3rd party anti-malware engine.
Exploit Guard
ㆍ Protect web-browser, office applications from malicios script and browser plugins with 100% Signatureless based Exploit Guard.
Ransom Guard
ㆍ Patented Signatureless context awareness based Ransomware detection technology can detect and block Ransomware regardless it is known and unknown.
ㆍ Maximize and optimize PC resouce by effectively removing Possibly Unwanted Applications(PUP/PUA) such as adware and spywares.

Comparison against existing anti-malwares

AppCheck Endpoint Protection blocks all programs from running, except business applications approved by App Usage Control technology, minimizing malicious attacks and potential security threats.

Targets Exisitng Anti-Malwares AppCheck Endpoint Protection
Known Malwares Block Block
Unknown Malwares Allow Block
Known Non-work Apps Allow Block
Unknown Non-work Apps Allow Block
Not allowed Work Apps Allow Block
Allowed Work Apps Allow Allow


System Requirements

Category Minimum Recommended
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64bit)
CPU Intel Core 1.6 GHz Intel Core i 2.66 GHz
Memory 1GB or higher 2GB or higher
Free Disk Spaces 2GB or higher 10GB or higher
Web Browser Internet Explorer 8 Edge / IE 11 / Firefox / Chrome