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Scarab Ransomware (<Random Filename>.[])

  • Distribution Method : Remote access through Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) or Terminal Services
  • MD5 : 9ce155d011fe89b8f1a2b41399c753b9
  • Encrypted File Pattern : <Random Filename>.[]
  • Malicious File Creation Location :
     - C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\osk.exe
     - C:\Users\%UserName%\return files.txt
  • Payment Instruction File : return files.txt
  • Major Characteristics :
     - Offline Encryption
     - Amnesia / Scarabey Ransomware series
     - Disable and Blocks Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
     - Block processes execution (agntsvc.exeagntsvc.exe, ccleaner64.exe, firefoxconfig.exe, msftesql.exe, mydesktopservice.exe, thebat64.exe etc.)
     - Disable system restore (wbadmin DELETE SYSTEMSTATEBACKUP -keepVersions:0, wmic SHADOWCOPY DELETE, vssadmin Delete Shadows /All /Quiet, bcdedit /set {default} recoveryenabled No, bcdedit /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures)
     - Checks following folder name for encryption: Adobe, Archive, Backup, Firebird, Microsoft, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition, MSSQL.1, Oracle, Reserv, Restore.