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[Release Notes] AppCheck update history (latest version:

Latest Update History
(AppCheck Pro update is delayed by maximum 24 hours.)


Version (23. Dec. 2017 03:00 UTC)

  • Improved false positive (Hancom Wordprocessor update, Outlook)
  • Improved policy update interval in CMS
  • Fixed to apply update change of license from CMS
  • Added ost, pst to default protected extensions

​​​​​Previous Updates

Version (22. Dec. 2017 08:00 UTC)

  • Improved false positive (Hancom Wordprocessor update)
  • Improved policy update interval in CMS
  • Fixed to apply update change of license from CMS
  • Added ost, pst to default protected extensions

Version (12. Dec. 2017 01:00 UTC)

  • Improved Product Update.
  • Fixed registration failed in multi network interface environment
  • Improved false positive (IE, Chrome, etc)
  • Updated SHA1 Codesign certificate


      Version (17. Nov. 2017 04:00 UTC)

      • Improved False positive.
      • Fixed to stop scanning process when closing main window.
      • Improved roll-back logic for some ransomwares.
      • Fixed other minor issues.

      Version (14. Nov. 2017. 04:00 UTC)

      • Fixed case where shutting down critical process which causes BSOD.
      • Improved false positive.

      Version (10. Nov. 2017 09:00 UTC)

      • Improved emptying RansomShelter feature.
      • Improved detection of Memory mapped type encryption ransomware

      Version (08. Nov. 2017. UTC 04:00)

      • Enabled MBR Protection (Free version)
      • Added network drive protection (Pro version)
      • Added removable drive protection (Pro version)
      • Improved RansomShelter for real-time backup and rollback.
      • Added File destruction behavior count for detection (CMS)
      • Fixed system scan keep running background when canceled by the user.


      Version (4. Nov. 2017. 08:00 UTC)

      • Reinforce the detection for ransomware simulator “RanSim” (13/13)


      Version (2. Nov. 2017 14:00 UTC)

      • Rollback of change for issues in some cases.

      Version (30. Oct. 2017 04:00 UTC)

      • Improved to scan all processes while re-detecting ransomware behavior
      • Improved the detection of suspicious file deletion activity

      Version (26. Oct. 2017 04:00 UTC)

      • Fixed where a file cannot be saved to network shared folder in a specific environment.

      Version (20. Oct. 2017. 07:30 UTC)

      • Fixed in some cases file is not restored in network shared folders
      • Changed to only empty existing folders on "Empty RansomShelter"
      • Fixed where bug is not displaying in English and Japanese environment
      • Fixed to save event log after notification
      • Fixed where the detection path is left empty in the logs when the same process was restarted after detecting the Ransomware behavior.

      Version ( 13. Oct. 2017. 01:30 UTC)

      • Better Japanese language support.
      • Fixed in specific cases where alarm windows pop up when opening the main window.
      • Improved detection on Hancom products update.

      Version ( 28. Sep. 2017. 06:00 UTC)

      • IPv6 Support for Shared folder file protection.
      • Included version information in the installer file.

      Version (26. Sep. 2017. 04:00 UTC)

      • Changed Japanese language UI
      • Supports bottom notice update  (excluded in Japanese)

      Version (20. Sep. 2017. 05:00 UTC)

      • New user interface
      • Added feature to empty RansomShelter

      Version (13. Sep. 2017. 09:00 UTC)

      • Improved Ransomware detection

      Version (11. Sep. 2017. 04:30 UTC)

      • Fixed BSOD of opening Excel files in a specific environment.
      • Improved detection and remediation (in repeated detection cases)

      Version (7. Sep. 2017. 11:00 UTC)

      • Added to Support to use wildcard characters(*?) in whitelist for CMS Controlled Agents.
      • Updated Japanese resources and changed web link.
      • Updated SHA2 codesign certificate.

      Version (1. Sep. 2017. 05:00 UTC)
      • Improved ransomware detections.
      • Added to process username in CMS Agents.
      • Changed to block CMS Company ID input box, so user cannot modify.
      • Improved key activation process in the multilingual environment.
      • Added default extension for protection related to Japanese word processor(jbw, jtd)

      Version (30. Aug. 2017. 03:00 UTC)
      • Enhanced file protection in network shared folders.

      Version (21. Aug. 2017. 07:00 UTC)
      • Fixed minor issue in Ransom Shelter.
      • Changed main notification (only applies to Korean users).

      Version (18. Aug. 2017. 07:00 UTC)
      • Improved RansomShelter file maintaining date now can be defined by user (default 7 days)
      • Fixed RansomShelter files don't automatically remove in network folders.
      • Changed Japanese resource and web link.
      • Improved version indication text in the main window.

      Version (1. Aug. 2017. 04:30 UTC)
      • Fixed to upgrade issue where UAC is turned off and "User Account" type is "Standard user".
      • Improved false positive during uninstallation of some applications.
      • Improved multilingual support while applying CMS Policy.
      • Added alert message box when the user doesn't have the privilege for installation and uninstallation.
      • Removed "CMS Enterprise" option in "Option > Auto Backup > Backup Location".

      Version (27. Jul. 2017. 10:30 UTC)
            • Improved to download dedicated update installer file on update.
            • Fixed where Korean text displayed for uninstaller shortcut.
            • Changed CI image in installer.
            • Improved Japanese translation.

            Version (24. Jul. 2017. 06:00 UTC)
                  • Fixed BSOD while detecting ransomware in certain condition.

                  Version (20. Jul. 2017. 06:30 UTC)
                        • Added Self Protection for Process(AppCheckS.exe)
                        • Enhanced MBR Protection (supports GPT environment) 
                        • Enhanced remediation method for continuously detecting Ransomware (Matrix Ransomware, etc)
                        • Blocks repetitive execution of files upon detection of Ransomware behavior
                        • Notifies to the user when error occurs on manual update.

                        Version (4. Jul. 2017. 06:00 UTC)

                              • Fixed a problem that AppCheck installation path can not be updated and reinstalled if it is not the default path (C:\Program Files\CheckMAL\AppCheck)
                              • Improved security of file protection in shared folders in server environment
                              • Change setup program file name during automatic update
                              • Enhanced handling of CMS protocol exceptions

                              Version (28. June. 2017. 07:00 UTC)

                                    • Fixed the problem that the original file can not be restored automatically after blocking certain types of randomware
                                    • Fixed a problem that caused BSOD under certain circumstances
                                    • Notice for distribution of Petya Ransomware Notice (free user)

                                    Version (26. June. 2017. 04:00 UTC)

                                          • Improved False Positives (Chrome, CcmExec)

                                          Version (23. June. 2017. 04:30 UTC)

                                                • Improved RansomGuard (Real-time backup) to not backup files with zero byte.
                                                • Improved False Positives (Excel, Kollus, IDT, Android-studio, AlMind, Avira etc)
                                                • Changed path for update download and installation
                                                • Fixed where update doesn't work in specific environment

                                                Version (16. June. 2017. 08:00 GMT)

                                                      • Detection Improved on thread-level encryption Ransomwares.
                                                      • Fixed memory leak in specific situations
                                                      • False Positive Improvement

                                                      Version (13. June. 2017. 17:00 KST)
                                                      • User can define number of history files in AutoBackup (Applies to CMS together)
                                                           : This feature limits history files to user defined number, and removes old history files.
                                                            The default value is 3 and can be changed to 0~10.
                                                           * Important * 
                                                           In previous version, history files were remained unlimited, but starting from this version, default is set to 3. This will cause remove old history files, remaining 3 history files.
                                                      • Free version update cycle extended from every 3 hours to 6 hours.
                                                      • False Positive Improvement
                                                      • Multilingual translation

                                                      Version (29. May. 2017. 16:30 KST)
                                                      • False Positive Improvement
                                                      • Detection Improvement

                                                      Version (24. May. 2017. 05:00 PST)
                                                      • False Positive Improvement
                                                      • Detection Improvement

                                                      Version (24. May. 2017. 14:00 PST)
                                                      • False Positive Improvement
                                                      • Detection Improvement

                                                      Version (19. May. 2017. 19:00 PST)
                                                      • False Positive Improvement
                                                      • Fixed the problem of unregistering in a specific environment

                                                      Version (18. May. 2017. 10:30 PST)
                                                      • Improved and enhanced detection.
                                                      • Automatic recognition of proxy setting of operating system.
                                                      • Improved Multilingual(English) translation.
                                                      • Removed unnecessary UI in blocking notification window.
                                                      • Maintain the sorting in quarantine log.
                                                      • Fixed in rare environments where user clicks update notification, displays block notification window.
                                                      • Fixed the problem of unregistering in a specific environment (when using multiple HDDs with different connection methods)

                                                      Version (4. Apr. 2017. 17:00 PST)
                                                      • Tray alert improvement.
                                                      • Better English Language support.
                                                      • Re-Purchase URL link update.

                                                      Version (31. Mar. 2017. 13:00 PST)
                                                      • Deleted additional file extensions for protection (*.ini)

                                                      Version (30. Mar. 2017. 15:00 PST)
                                                      • Better Japanese Language support.
                                                      • Improved License validation.
                                                      • CMS Interconnection Improvement.
                                                      • Added additional file extensions for protection (*.ini, *.lnk)

                                                      Version (21. Mar. 2017. 10:00 PST)
                                                      • Detection Improvement
                                                      • False Positive Improvement

                                                      Version (8. Mar. 2017 01:00 PST)
                                                      • Better Japanese support 
                                                      • User trust file Improvements

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