Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ for installation and usage, purchases and license registration for AppCheck

Can I change the email address of my license?
After the license registration, user may want to change the email address.

This process will expire licenses already installed with previous email.

We need your exact name, purchase code (22 digit code ends with with M201X) for the license, and previous email address and new email address you need to transfer.

You may request through "Support - Online Support" in our website.
Registration Error(1627) occurs.

Registration Error(16267) message occurs when register AppCheck Anti-ransomware in Windows Server Operating System.

This error occurs when you register Windows Server using AppCheck Pro license. Please purchase AppCheck Pro for Windows Server license and register.

How to register CMS Cloud?
■ Adding License to CMS

After receiving CMS License, registration is required. After the registration, you may able to download Agent Installer, which will be tied to central management console.

(1) CMS Web Console Address :
① Click "Register New User" in CMS Login Window.

(2) Check license email received.

(3) First Time Login

After the activation of CMS License, sign in with the credential just created. You may see the Dashboard as follows.

(4) License Registration for AppCheck Pro v2.0 & AppCheck Pro v2.0 Windows Server

You may receive other license emails, such as AppCheck Pro and AppCheck Pro for Windows Server.

(5) Settings → License → Add

You may add multiple licenses for activation. (Agent, Server, etc)

※ Note : For example, if you need to add 100 Agent licenses and 10 Server licenses, you may need to add twice, one for a license key for 100 AppCheck Pro, and another for a license key for 10 AppCheck Pro for Windows Server.

(6) License

After activating the license, you may see the list as registration result.

After the activation complete, you may now able to download AppCheck Installer by heading to "Distribution" left side menu.

(7) Download Client

You can check Authentication Key. This Key is uniquely generated for each company. Click "Download" button will start to download the integrated installer.

※Note※ It is recommended not to change the filename. In case of filename change, user manually needs to enter authentication key.

Installer is integrated to support both Windows Server and Windows Client PC.

Now you can run installer in each PC.

(8) How to create silent installer

You can modify the filename to enable silent installation mode.

Add "_Silent=Y" to the filename, inside the parenthesis.

ex) Rename "AppCheckSetupCMS[Company=12345689].exe" to 
How do I activate my AppCheck Pro?
Please click on the registration icon (key shape) on the AppCheck Anti-Ransomware main screen and enter the "AppCheck Pro License Information" (email address, serial number) which issued to your email address.
Can I have tax refund?

Due to the Customs Act in Korea, we don't apply tax for purchasing software in foreign countries.

Do I need multiple serial numbers when purchasing licenses for multiple PCs use?
No, you can manage them with a single serial number.

To do this, you can specify the number of licenses when you purchase licenses for use on one or more PCs.
I have lost my license information and can I get it resended?
Yes, If you have lost your AppCheck Pro license information and would like to resend it, please apply for a reissue by entering the e-mail address you entered in the "Resend License Information" form on the "Support → License Management" page.
I get "Invalid license key or email address" message during the genuine registration process.
If you have reached limit of license for registered PC, you may encounter "Invalid license key or email address" message.


To resolve this, please visit select menu "Support > License Management", and enter your email address and serial key. You can review list to revoke license from selected PC.
Does the AppCheck Pro license applies immediately after purchase?
The license period starts from the day you activate your serial number.
How do I cancel my purchase or refund my purchase?
AppCheck Pro Anti-Ransomware products can be refunded in the same way as payment within 3 ~ 5 business days by canceling the purchase within 7 days after payment (contact us), Account transfer is a designated account deposit.

If you register online with a serial number issued within a certain period of time, no refund is available.